FIVE-O is a competition package with 5 high quality competitions in western Sweden on the Easter weekend. Five-O has a total cup over 5 all competitions for Women and Men 13-14 & 15-16, the Youth Cup, and the 3 elite competitions for Men & Women 17-18, 19-20 and 21 and older, the Elite Cup.  
Holy Thursday 14th April, Häxjakten (the witch hunt) IK Gandvik Competition Easter in western Sweden begins with a fine night competition in beautiful oriental land at Skara. Mass start for Youth Cup 13-14 and 15-16. Read more on Eventor.  
Good Friday 15th April Kortfredan (short Friday) Gudhems IF The second competition is a sprint located in Skara. Read more on Eventor.  
Holy Saturday 16th April Öjetrampen Frammestad IK / OK Kullingshof Long distance with elite classes. The classic among classics in western Swedish Easter package. This year at Magra south of Trollhättan. Read more on Eventor.  
Easter Sunday 17th April Bohuslunken Uddevalla OK Middle distance with elite classes. The competition is located in a beautiful terrain on Herrestadsfjället north of Uddevalla. Read more on Eventor.  
Easter Monday 18th April Vikingaträffen (the Viking meeting) Trollhättans SOK Middle distance with elite classes. Five-O concludes with the classic Viking meeting. Chase start in the Youth Cup for 13-14 and 15-16 and starting order after scoring for the Elite cup . Prize giving for the total cups. We promise a competition that you will be very happy with! Read more on Eventor.  
More information and entries All competitions are in the Swedish orienteering event calendar Eventor. Most information is in Swedish. Bulletine 1 is normally called ”Inbjudan” in Swedish. Bulletine 2 is called ”PM”. There are user guides for creating a user account and how to make entries. You are welcome to contact viking@tsok.se for translations and more information.  
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